Joe Loya

It was my turn. The teller said, How are you doing, sir? and I was like, Fine, thanks. Then I slid her the note. We have a bomb. I have a gun. Give me the money NOW!!! She looked down, and she would not look up. Ten seconds passed. She was still reading. Fifteen seconds. She was still pretending to read. I moved the note around the counter a bit like, Hey, hey, look up. I’m over here.

Excerpt from The Man Who Outgrew His Prison Cell: Confessions of a Bank Robber


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How To! with Charles Duhigg

Joe Loya robbed more than 30 banks during an 18-month span before going to jail. Charles wants to rob one bank on a Saturday afternoon and get away scot-free. Can Joe teach Charles the tricks of the trade? Or will he shatter his dreams—and a few stereotypes along the way? Also, is it a good idea to carry a microphone while attempting a robbery?